Dr. Alan Wallace is one of our leading voices exploring the interface between modern science, meditation, Buddhism and spirituality and Tibetan medicine. He is the founding director of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies that has a mission to apply rigorous scientific methodology and inquiry into contemplative practices, and teaches and lectures worldwide. While studying at the University of Gottingen in Germany, Alan left for India and was ordained by the Dalai Lama as a monk of 14 years. He holds degrees in physics and the philosophy of science at Amherst College and a doctorate in religious studies at Stanford University. He later taught at the University of California at Santa Barbara for several years.  For the past 33 years, Alan has been a frequent translator and contributor for meetings between the Dalai Lama and world renowned scientists. He has written and translated over 40 books dealing with the science of mind and consciousness, Western scientific philosophy, lucid dreaming and many commentaries and translations of Tibetan Buddhist texts.  Some of his research on meditation has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Among some of this noteworthy publications are "Mind in the Balance: Meditation in Science, Buddhism and Christianity," "Fathoming the Mind: Inquiry and Insight in the Vajra Essence" and "Dreaming Yourself Awake."  His personal website is AlanWallace.org and the Institute for Consciousness Studies is SBInstitute.com

Progressive Commentary Hour
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