James Corbett is the founder and editor of the Corbett Report, a website he started in 2007 to provide critical analysis on politics, culture, economics and history.  He has written, recorded and hosted 1000s of hours of audio and video which has brought him to the attention of major independent media such as Russia TV. He is also the lead editorial writer for The International Forecaster. James has directed many full length and shorter documentaries and TV series. Some of the more recent ones are "The 5G Dragnet, "Secrets of Silicon Valley," "911 Whistleblowers" and "The World War 1 Conspiracy." Recently he produced a 4 part series of short documentaries entitled "Meet Bill Gates" -- the person, his career and his agendas.  James website, with his numerous podcasts, audio and video programs and offerings is CorbettReport.com

Progressive Commentary Hour
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