Part of AIDS-Covid Special

Tom DiFerdinando is an injury and trauma therapist who was active in the original AIDS dissident movement nearly thirty years ago. There, he served as the Executive Director of HEAL (Health Education AIDS Liaison) for over twenty years, working head to head with HEAL's president, Michael Ellner. During that time, he led hundreds of HEAL meetings for thousands of HIV-positive people; spoke at many dissident AIDS conferences around the world; and organized and hosted conferences and interviews featuring leaders of the AIDS dissident movement including Dr. Peter Duesberg, Dr. Roberto Giraldo, Celia Farber, John Lauritsen, Joan Shenton, Christine Maggiore, Dr. Robert Willner and Dr. James DeMeo, among others. Presently, Tom is the president of Rethinking AIDS/Unmasking Covid, a group of scientists, physicians and activists - many of them early veteran AIDS dissidents , and all of whom have been heavily censored by mainstream print, visual and social media sources, especially now in the times of "Covid". Tom's revised Rethinking AIDS website is

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