what is this SARS-2 Virus really

Dr. Richard Fleming is a cardiologist specializing in nuclear medicine who has shown a direct correlation between inflammation and heart disease.  He holds a PhD in particle physics, graduated from the University of Iowa College of Medicine and later completed a law degree. His research has revealed the intrinsic errors in the methods currently in use to detect heart disease and breast cancer. He is the inventor of the Fleming Method for Tissue and Vascular Differentiation and Metabolism, a method that quantifies tissue activity due to inflammation and infection. In the past he has taught at the University of Texas and conducted cardiological research at Methodist College and Creighton University. Richard has been putting his attention on uncovering the health risks from both the SARS-2 virus and the Covid-19 vaccines, exposing the medical risks that conclude the virus was genetically engineered. He has published several books, edited a medical textbook, and has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Dr Fleming's website is FlemingMethod.com.

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