How fake news is used as techniques of propaganda as a form of population mind control


Prof. Tim Coles is a researcher at the Cognition Institute at Plymouth University in the UK, director of the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research, and a columnist writing about politics and human rights. His articles have been published in journals and online by Newsweek, the New Statesmen, Truthout, Counterpunch and other other sources. He has frequently co-written essays with Australian investigative journalist John Pilger. Tim has written several books including "The Great Brexit Swindle", "Real Fake News: Techniques of Propaganda and Deception-Based Mind Control" and most recently "We'll Tell You What to Think: Wikipedia, Propaganda and the Making of Liberal Consensus" -- which dives into the role Wikipedia plays to serve power with a mission to influence its users through an Orwellian means of doublethink"

Progressive Commentary Hour
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