Dr. Peter Reznik is a therapeutic practitioner of Mind-Body Integrative Therapy in private practice and a recognized specialist in the fields of behavior modification, mental imagery, dream work, clinical hypnosis and holistic counseling. Currently he is the co-founding clinical director of GPS for Health in New York City that offers education and counseling in mind-body therapies.  He is a former faculty member of the American Institute of Mental Imagery and spent 15 years at the Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine, a former director of the Petrie Institute Hypnosis, and a consultant for the American Health Foundation. Over the course of four decades he has taught and led wellness seminars across the US, in Europe, Russia and Israel. Dr. Reznik holds a masters degree in linguistics and social work and a doctorate in health and human services. He is the author of the forthcoming book "Six Pillars of Well-Being" and is the host of "Dr Peter Reznik's Toolbox" that airs every Tuesday at 2:00 pm on the Progressive Radio Network.  His website is GPSForHealth.com

Progressive Commentary Hour
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