David Loy is a retired professor, philosopher, ethicist, a Zen Buddhist teacher, and a prolific author.  He has taught philosophy at Bunkyo University in Japan where he lived for 20 years studying with his principle Zen teacher Yamada Koun Roshi and received dharma transmission to be a teacher. Later he was the Besl Chair Professor of Ethics and Religion at Xavier University in Cincinnati. David has taught at the University of Cape Town, Hebrew University in Israel, later a resident scholar at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado. His articles frequently appear in Rabbi Michael Lerner's Tikkun Magazine and Buddhist magazines such as Tricycle and Lion's Roar. He sits on the advisory boards of Buddhist Global Relief, Zen Peacemakers and the Ernest Becker Foundation. He earned degrees in philosophy from Carleton College, the University of Hawaii and received his doctorate from National University of Singapore, where he had also been a senior tutor of 6 years. He is the author of many important books that introduce Buddhism to secular concerns in our world. His latest is Eco-Dharma: Buddhist Teachings for the Ecological Crisis. His website is DavidLoy.org


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