Larissa Walker is the Policy and Campaign Coordinator at the Center for Food Safety in Washington DC, a national non profit public interest and advocacy organization promoting the protection of human health, the environment, and to protect the public from harmful food technologies by promoting organic.  She did her post graduate work on a small organic farm and has been active in agricultural, energy and environmental issues at local and state levels. Larissa is currently a point person for the center in its litigation against the EPA for its negligence in addressing the evidence of neonic pesticides dangers on the nation’s bee population.

Dr. Neil Carman is a chemist and biologist who is a scientific member of the Sierra Club’s Genetic Engineering Committee that researchers and assesses the evidence of genetic engineering’s impact upon the environment and animal and plant life. The Sierra Club has also joined forces with the Center for Food Safety in its lawsuit against the EPA t o suspend the use of neonic insecticides.

Neil holds a doctorate in botany and has been active in environmental causes in Texas including air quality control. IN 1992 he started to work with the Sierra Club and is now a leading voice on issues of genetic engineering, industrial chemical agricultural practices and the role technology and toxic chemicals have on the environment.

Steve Ellis is a commercial beekeeper and owner of the Old Mill Honey Company in Barrett, Minnesota. His operation has had over 2300 hives and this year he has witnessed a dramatic decline in his bees. He is among four major beekeepers who are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the EPA for failing to protect America’s bee population.

We are speaking to him while he is on his return trip home after taking his hives to California for pollinating the almond groves.

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