Charles Ortleb is a journalist, novelist and filmmaker who gained notoriety as the publisher of the gay biweekly New York Native between 1980 and 1996. The Native was the first major publication to take the AIDS epidemic seriously and question the AIDS hypothesis. The publication brought many important individuals such as Peter Duesberg to public attention. New York Native also published John Lauritsen's investigative reporting on the deadly effects of the AIDS drug AZT and was also the first to cover the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic which has been called an epidemic of "Non-HIV AIDS." For a decade the biweekly reported on Neenyah Ostrom's on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome investigations. Much of her reporting focused on HHV-6, the virus that links AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Rolling Stone journalist David Black claimed Chuck's New York Native deserved a Pulitzer.  Chuck has also written several novels and plays including the novel "Iron Peter." His book on the history of New York Native and its role in the coverage of AIDS is  "The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up."The book has been on Amazon AIDS bestseller list for almost two years. His newest book which comes out next week is called "Susan Sontag as Metaphor" which is about his complicated relationship with the famous intellectual and how she ignored warnings and betrayed the gay community in her famous book, AIDS and Its Metaphors." You can find more information about Chuck and his books and writings at


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