Dr. Jim Garrison is the founding President of Ubiquity University and the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, an international school of higher education built upon transformational principles of whole brain and whole systems learning. The university operates with partners all over the world. As the co-founder and President of the Gorbachev Foundation, Jim was instrumental in the founding of the State of the World Forum  to lay a template for a  more sustainable global civilization.  In the late 80s he served as the executive director of the Esalen Institute Soviet-American Exchange, and founded the International Foreign Policy Association in collaboration with Secretary of State George Schultz and Georgian President Edward Shevardnadze. He is the author of “America as Empire: Global Leader or Rogue Power?" and hosts the daily podcast Humanity Rising Summit -- conversations with people at the cutting of cultural change.  Jim has graduate degrees in religion and theology from Harvard and Cambridge universities. His websites are UbiquityUniversity.org and WisdomUniversity.org 

Progressive Commentary Hour
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