Military and intelligence domestic surveillance on the American public

David Rosen is a journalist, author and business development consultant who has specialized in investigating American history and government policy, the media and technology. His articles appear AlterNet, CounterPunch, Huffington Post, The Brooklyn Rail and Counterpoint in India.  He is also the author of the “Media Current” blog for Filmmaker magazine and was a consultant for the Sundance Institute.  In the past, Dave served on the boards and was treasurer for PBS’s Independent Television Service and as well as been an advisor to the Ford, Rockefeller, Johnson and Benton Foundations and a consultant for Rep. Richard Gephardt and Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak

Professor Andrew Kolin is professor of political science at Hilbert College in Hamburg, New York, where he specializes in American political thought, civil liberties, US foreign policy, and constitutional law. Much of his recent work has focused on the conflicts between state power and democracy and the history of the US turning into a police state.  His latest book published this year is “State Power and Democracy: Before and During the Presidency of George W Bush” which traces the history of American politics for sowing the seeds for a national police state from the founding of the republic to the present

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