peter-roth-4.h3001Developing and using intuition for health, lifestyle issues, and personal growth.  

Peter Roth is the founder and director of the Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing in Manhattan. For many years he has been an intuitive counsellor and healer.  Thirty-eight years ago, Peter  co-founded with me the Natural Living Walking and Running, and has been an officer and director of the New York Road Runners and the New York City Marathon, of which he serves as an honorary board member.  He is a registered Human Designs System analyst and his intuitive practice incorporates many modalities that have help guide numerous people on issues of health, careers, parenting, relationships and spiritual growth.  Currently he is working weekly with hundreds of people for free with his True Life Circles. Peter is also the host of radio program Energy Stew, heard every Friday at 11:30 am on the Progressive Radio Network. 

imgresAlso: Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS, founder of Metropolitan Wellness.

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