climate change and the future of humanity

Kevin Hester is a member of the Irish Republican Diaspora born in Aotearoa New Zealand as a result of both his maternal and paternal grandparents being involved in the reunification struggle, forcing  some members of the  family to escape Ireland for both  political and financial reasons. His maternal grandfather completed 28 days on hunger strike in jail in 1920 after being caught with unregistered firearms!  He  lives on an off-the-grid  small island in the Hauraki Gulf, 15 miles from the city of Auckland. Rakino islands' permanent population is  20 humans and thousands of birds The island is predator free if you exclude Homo-Sapiens.
Kevin  has completed 16 Ocean passages on small yachts, over half of them as skipper. He was once arrested and charged with “Obstructing a nuclear ship in the course of its passage” and  was at the bombed Green Peace Rainbow Warrior within an hour of the detonation and the murder of Fernando Pereira in Auckland harbor, carried out by a large contingent of soldiers in the French DGSE in July 1985.
He currently spends his time researching abrupt climate change, the collapse of complex societies, and the real-time unravelling of the biosphere
Kevin is the host of radio program Nature Bats Last on the Progressive Radio Network, which airs every Tuesday at 3 pm Eastern Time. His articles can be found on his website is 
He lives to agitate another day.

Progressive Commentary Hour
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