The real Syrian Narrative – what is really happening in Aleppo – and cutting through the American mainstream misinformation and lies

Eva Bartlett is an independent Canadian justice activist, freelance journalist and a founding member of the Syria Solidarity Movement, which advocates for a sovereign Syria against foreign intervention.  Since 2008, Eva has been reporting from the war zones in Syria and Gaza. In 2008, she sailed on the third Free Gaza Movement boat from Cyprus and then spent the next 3 years writing about Israeli attacks, accompanying Palestinian medics to report on the use of white phosphorous and other war crimes. Since 2014, Eva has entered Syria four times to report on acts of terrorism on Syrians in different camps, including visiting Aleppo on several occasions and villages such as Zahra, Nubil, Palmyra, Jableh, Massloula and others that have either been under seize by terrorist groups, were scenes of horrific bombing or where massacres have occurred. Her articles appear in Global Research, Russia Today, Signs of the Times, Dissident Voice among others.  Her article Deconstructing the NATO Narrative on Syria is especially noteworthy.  Her website, which includes all her writings, is

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