What was really behind the Libyan revolution to oust Colonel Gaddafi and the US’s strategy to use Islamic terrorists, with James and Joanne Moriarty

James and Joanne Moriarty were successful business persons living in Libya from 2007 until the overthrow and death of General Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.  While in Libya, there product providing enzymes to rejuvenate oil wells and clean up sludge pits earned $5 billion and were in the midst of building a manufacturing facility when the revolution began. During the rioting and collapse of the Gaddafi government and the new rule of radical Islamic factions, the Moriartys and other foreigners attempting to leave on a rescue ship were captured and held by al-Qaeda type militias, then eventually released.  They have produced a video of their ordeal – Escape from Al-Qaeda, which includes evidence of the US and its allies planning of a forced coup well in advance.  Their website is LibyanWarTheTruth.com

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