The prosperity Gospel of Self and how the Evangelical Christian media empire hijacked the Republican party to bring us the Tea Party and Trump

Terry Heaton is a retired 28 year veteran as television news executive, news consultant and author specializing in the media and propaganda. He is also recognized visionary, iconoclast and expert in web related media and business.  In the 1980s, Terry was an executive producer for the Christian Broadcasting Network or CBN and specifically the executive producer for televangelist Pat Robertson's 700 Club, which also led to his campaign work for Robertson's presidential run in 1988. During that time, he was an insider into the Christian evangelical right's political maneuvering to usurp the Republican Party and dominate much of the media.  Prior to his retirement in 2015,  he was the senior vice president for Audience Research and Development in Dallas.  He hosts the popular Pomo Blog, which explores the deeper relationships between contemporary culture, media, religion and postmodernity.  Terry has written 7 books. His most recent is "The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP," which outlines his insider activity and political intrigues in the Christian media. His website is

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