US government negligence in exposing US troops to dangerous chemicals, toxins and bioweapons and the coverup

Dr. Doug Rokke is an expert in depleted uranium and its health risks. Having served in the US armed forces for four decades, including combat duty in Vietnam and Gulf War 1, he is a retired Major who served as the US Army's Depleted Uranium Project Director in the mid-90s, and developed the congressionally mandated education and training materials for handling with depleted uranium incidents.

Dr. Rokke has taught nuclear, biological and chemical warfare and emergency medicine for 25 years and has served as an advisor to the CDC, the US Institute of Medicine, the US Senate, the Department of Defense and other federal agencies and departments. He is also a retired professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana.

Doug is included in Who's Who in America and has been nominated Who's Who in the World. Due to his outspoken concerns and warnings over depleted uranium’s horrible health risks to military personnel, he has been subject to ongoing retaliation by the Department of Defense who have for years denied any adverse health and environmental effects from uranium weapons.

He is the co-host of “Warrior Connection” heard every Sunday evening at 7:00 pm Eastern time on the Progressive Radio Network. 

Major Denise Nichols is a Chairwoman for the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition.  She is retired Major and a registered flight nurse from the US Air Force having served in both the Vietnam and Gulf War campaign. During Operation Desert Storm she served on the border of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Although her unit was theoretically in the exposure zone where depleted uranium demolition occurred, the Department of Defense did not include Air Force units among those under chemical threat. She has testified before Congress on behalf of veterans and has been interviewed nationally and internationally on issues concerning Gulf War Illness and Agent Orange.  Since retiring from the Air Force she has been a teacher on nursing faculties at several universities. The Coalitions website is

Captain David Winnett is a retired captain from the US Marine Corps and had served in the Corps for 20 years both as an enlisted marine and a commissioned officer. During Operation Desert Storm he served as the Transportation officer for multiple troop displacements. Later he was stationed at Guantanamo and assisted with Haitian refugee operations.  Following his retirement David worked for the California municipal services for 15 years and took on veteran advocacy activities full time.  He is a member of the Department of Defense’s Congressional Directed Medical Research Program for Gulf War Illness Research, which is dedicated to identifying effective treatments and diagnosis of conditions that effected upwards to 210,000 veterans during the Gulf War in the early 1990s.  He is also a published poet and administrates the largest closed group on Facebook dealing with Gulf War Illness. The Congressional Medical Research Program’s website is CDMRP.Army.Mil/gwirp

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