William ("Bill") Binney 

William Binney is a former high placed intelligence officer in the US National Security Agency, or NSA, where he was a technical director in charge of a department of several thousand employees engaged in military geopolitical intelligence analysis and the creation of the NSA’s mass surveillance program. After working with the agency for over 30 years, Bill resigned and turned whistleblower over the unconstitutional and illegal mass surveillance and spying of American and foreign citizens. He has been described as one of the best analysts in NSA’s history. Prior to his tenure at the NSA, Bill worked with the Army Security Agency and was a Russian specialist. He is a harsh critic of the US government spying on its citizenry and has been outspoken regarding the US’s demise into a police state comparable to the KGB, Stasi and Gestapo, and that the government’s massive data collection of phone intercepts, emails, tracking cameras and other spying mechanisms is part of a bigger mission to ultimately have control over the population.  Mr. Binney has been featured in numerous publications around the world, including Der Spiegel, BBC, USA Today and other media sources. Today he continues tirelessly to bring attention to the American people and other nations the massive scope of US intelligence spying and surveillance and the erosion of democracy making room for a totalitarian police state. 

Progressive Commentary Hour
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