Ma’ikwe Ludwig is a regular contributor to Communities magazine and a member of the Board of Directors of the Fellowship for Intentional Community. She has lived in community for 20 years. Her latest book, Together Resilient: Building Community in the Age of Climate Disruption looks at the role of community, cooperation and social justice in addressing and surviving climate disruption, and was awarded the Communal Studies Association 2017 Book of the Year Award.
Ma'ikwe is the former Executive Director of both the Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture and Commonomics USA, an economic justice organization. She is in the process of founding Cooperative Revolution, a new group focused on cooperative economics and culture development. Her work integrates ecological, economic, social, political and personal approaches and technologies for a strongly holistic view of what real cooperation and sustainability take. Her 2013 TEDx kicked off a new era for her as public speaker and advocate for communities. She lives in Laramie, WY where a group of fellow economic radicals are working on starting an income-sharing ecovillage in the belly of the fossil fuel beast.

Progressive Commentary Hour
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