A special look at the corruption and illegal operations of the CIA and its influence upon our elected government.

Douglas Valentine is an independent researcher, investigator, author and consultant in Massachusetts.  There are very few researchers in America who have done the depth of investigation into some of the darker corners of modern American history involving our federal intelligence agencies, mostly notably the CIA, as Douglas. His 1990 book on the secret CIA covert operation known as The Phoenix Project during the Vietnam war is regarded as the definitive study on this subject. His collection of Vietnam documents at the National Security Archive have been used by researchers for a decade. His lager book on the US’s secret war on drgs has received academic awards of excellence.  His most recent book “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World” is a voluminous account of the history of CIA corruption from its founding to the present, and why we should now consider the agency’s self-interests as contrary to the national and public good. His website is DouglasValentine.com

Progressive Commentary Hour
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