Was there any spiritual meaning to the 1960s and its legacy today


Tobias Churton is regarded as a world authority on Gnosticism and Western esotericism and spirituality. He has been appointed as an Honorary Fellow at Exeter University in the UK and holds a masters degree in theology from Brasenose College at Oxford. Earlier he worked with BBC on its documentary projects and produced the excellent BBC docu-drama series Gnosticism, which won the NY TV Festival Gold Award for best religious series. He has written many books that are thoroughly documented dealing with the history of esotericism and spirituality in the West.  As a poet and musician, he is also working on dramatic project focused on William Blake. His most recent book is "The Spiritual Meaning of the Sixties: The Magic, Myth adn Music of the Decade that Changed the World" -- 600 page tome that covers perhaps all aspects of the 60s generation, both its pros and its cons. His website is TobiasChurton.com

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