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In depth look at Propaganda and Censorship of alternative media and the internet, and the history of the government's use of the media as a weapon against democracy and citizens 
Prof Mark Crispin Miller is a professor of media, culture and communications at New York University where he specializes in modern propaganda, history of advertising, film and the major media.  He is the lead chief editor of the series Forbidden Bookshelf, which republishes important books that have censored, banned, ignored or wrongly criticized in the course of American history -- such as works by IF Stone, Lewis Mumford, Peter Dale Scott, Christopher Simpson and others.  Mark received his Masters and Doctorate at Johns Hopkins University. He has written and contributed to many books, including "Loser take All" and "Fooled Again" which cover  ed election fraud. He runs the news and commentary blog "News from the Underground" that can be found at his website


Why Christianity is becoming increasing unbelievable and why it must undergo a dramatic reformation in order to survive and be relevant.

Bishop John Shelby Spong is a renowned American Bishop of the Episcopal Church priest who served in Newark until he retired in 2000.  As a liberal theologian he has represented an alternative voice for Christians and religious persons, and for decades has challenged the status quo in today’s religious institutions. As a life long Biblical scholar Bishop Spong consistently challenges the hard held Christian myths such as the virgin birth, miracle stores, the doctrine of atonement and Jesus as a universal savior, the ascension and other theological structures that continue to define Christianity. Bishop Spong has been a visiting lecturer to standing room audiences at over 500 universities, including Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge.  He holds degrees from the University of North Carolina, Virginia Theological  Seminary, has studied Biblical scholarship at Yale, Harvard, Union Theological, Edinburgh, Oxford and others and has received several honorary doctoral degrees.  He has published over two dozen books, the most recent being "Unbelievable: Why Neither Ancient Creeds Nor the Reformation Can Produce a Living Faith Today." Bishop Spong’s weekly column can be found on his site



The Body-Mind Self, and the epigenetics of our culturally learned beliefs upon our health and quality of life

Dr. Mario Martinez is a clinical psychologist specializing in psycho-neuroimmunology and anti-aging. For the past couple decades, he has been developing the discipline of cultural psycho-immunology as a mind-body theory that explains how our thoughts and their biological expression co-emerge within a cultural environment and history, which in turn affect our  immune, nervous and endocrine systems. This model is called Cultural Psycho-neuroimmunology. He is the founder of the Biocognitive Science Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay, which is now in Nashville Tennessee, and conducts research, lectures and offers seminars in Biocognitive principles and mind-body techniques. Dr. Martinez was the first to outline a blueprint for a new paradigm on the epigenetic relationship between the cultural beliefs we hold and the quality of our health. His latest  book is “Mind-Body Self: How Longevity is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Inherited.”  More about biocognitive mind-body science, workshops and events can be found on the Institute's website at


The psychology and swerve in the reality and threats of climate change, malignant normality, our resilience to survive, and he legacy of one of America's great minds.  

I am honored to invite tonight's guest and one of our Great Minds --   Dr. Robert Jay Lifton. Dr Lifton is a distinguished pioneering psychiatrist and a long time anti-nuclear war scholar activist who has been investigating the psychological impacts of warfare and terrorism, nuclear weapons, political violence and coercive thought reform and brainwashing for 6 decades.  Along with his mentor the famous developmental psychologist Eric Erikson and others, he formed the Wellfleet Psychohistory Group that investigated the motivations for war and genocide. For a time in the early 60s, Dr. Lifton lived in Hiroshima studying the psychological traumas of the survivors of the nuclear bomb and later the violence and trauma perpetuated on Vietnamese from exposure to Agent Orange .  His book on Nazi medical doctors was ground breaking for identifying how normal people can rationalize and support such atrocities and crimes against humanity. Earlier in the 1950s he had studied the impact of thought reform and brainwashing on POWs' mental health in Chinese prisons. Robert and another colleague successfully lobbied to have  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder recognized as a clinical diagnosis.  He has been a teacher and researcher at the Washington School of Psychiatry, Harvard and John Jay College.  He has written many important books based on his research Robert is the author of "The Climate Swerve: Reflections on Mind, Hope and Survival" and is among the leading psychologists leading the charge to warn Americans of Trump's abnormal mental condition. His website is

William ("Bill") Binney 

William Binney is a former high placed intelligence officer in the US National Security Agency, or NSA, where he was a technical director in charge of a department of several thousand employees engaged in military geopolitical intelligence analysis and the creation of the NSA’s mass surveillance program. After working with the agency for over 30 years, Bill resigned and turned whistleblower over the unconstitutional and illegal mass surveillance and spying of American and foreign citizens. He has been described as one of the best analysts in NSA’s history. Prior to his tenure at the NSA, Bill worked with the Army Security Agency and was a Russian specialist. He is a harsh critic of the US government spying on its citizenry and has been outspoken regarding the US’s demise into a police state comparable to the KGB, Stasi and Gestapo, and that the government’s massive data collection of phone intercepts, emails, tracking cameras and other spying mechanisms is part of a bigger mission to ultimately have control over the population.  Mr. Binney has been featured in numerous publications around the world, including Der Spiegel, BBC, USA Today and other media sources. Today he continues tirelessly to bring attention to the American people and other nations the massive scope of US intelligence spying and surveillance and the erosion of democracy making room for a totalitarian police state. 

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