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Dr. Lori Handrahan has over twenty years of humanitarian and human rights work in Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans. Her focus is gender-based violence, conflict/post-conflict environments, UN reform, and ending child sex abuse. Working with UNHCR -- the UN's Refugee agency -- she was its  first Gender Expert in emergency operations during the Darfur genocide, its Regional Gender Advisor in The Balkans, as well as CARE's Girls' Leadership Assessment lead evaluator in Yemen, and UNFPA's Gender-Based Violence Information Management System lead evaluator in Uganda. Dr. Handrahan completed her Ph.D. at London School of Economics an later taught at American University in Washington DC. Her work is published widely from academic journals to The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, The Washington Times, Forbes, The National Journal, The Daily Beast, and Fox News. Her book "Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape" was just made available this week by Trineday books, and is a thorough, detailed investigation into the data and issues that has turned the US into one of child pornography and underage sex capitols of the world.   Her website is

The localization movement to shift global and corporate power back to people and communities

Charles Eisenstein is an independent scholar, speaker and author writing on themes about human culture and identity, economics, the evolution of human cultures, and the spiritual challenges of coping with a society and world in chaos.  In the past he has taught at Goddard College, Penn State, and lived and in China for many years.  Charles has degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University and has been active with other visionaries to develop progressive models of business and charity based upon a deeper ethical standard. He is the author of several books, the most popular being  "Sacred Economics" and “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible” – a collection of essays, which offers an alternative Story for humanity as an antidote to the malaise, frustration and paralysis preventing people from being vehicles for change.  His website is 

Helena Norberg-Hodge is an author, activist and filmmaker who is regarded by many as a pioneer of the global localization movement. Earth Journal included Helena among the 10 leading environmentalists worldwide.   Fluent in 7 languages, she studied in her native Sweden, Germany, Austria, England and the United States, specializing in linguistics, including studies at  MIT with Noam Chomsky. Since 1975, Helena has worked with the people of Ladakh (Lah-Dack), or “Little Tibet” in the western Indian Himalayas, to find ways of enabling its ancient culture meet the pressures from the modern world without sacrificing its social and ecological values. For these efforts she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, or ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’.  Helena is the founder and director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture based in the US and UK, an organization examining the root causes of our current social and environmental crises, while promoting more sustainable and equitable patterns of living. She is also a founding member of the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, and a co-founder of both the International Forum on Globalization and the Global Ecovillage Network.  Her book, "Ancient Futures", has been described as “an inspirational classic” and her documentary "Economics of Happiness" has received international acclaim. She is currently visiting the US and her website is

Dr. Len Saputo is a board certified physician in internal medicine and the Founder and Medical Director of Health Medicine Foundation in California, a nonprofit education foundation of integral healthcare providers and community leaders dedicated to a holistic vision of wellness.   He has been practicing since 1965 after graduating from Duke University’s medical school.  

Remarkable Mind

America's tax crisis and how Washington is further increasing the gap between the elite and everyone else. 

Dr. Michael Hudson is one of our nation’s finest and most important economists and Wall Street financial analysts. Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s recently called him “the world’s best economist.” He is currently the President of The Institution for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends and was the Chief Economic Policy Advisor for the Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign. Dr. Hudson has served as an adviser to the White House, State and Defense departments at the Hudson Institute, in addition to the United Nations Institute where he became a specialist in global economics.  He has written many books and important papers and articles, including his most recent "J is For Junk Economics: A Guide to Reality in an Age of Deception," which explains how the global economy really works, and “Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy” that addresses the cause and effect behind the polarization of the 1% versus 99% emerged. His website is

Charles Ortleb is a journalist, novelist and filmmaker who gained notoriety as the publisher of the gay biweekly New York Native between 1980 and 1996. The Native was the first major publication to take the AIDS epidemic seriously and question the AIDS hypothesis. the publication brought many important individuals such as Peter Duesberg to public attention. Rolling Stone journalist David Black claimed Chuck's New York Native deserved a Pulitzer and New York Times called in "visionary."  Chuck has also written several novels, plays. Celia Farber has called his novel Iron Peter, the "animal farm of the AIDS era."  His most recent book is a history of the early AIDS era from a real pioneer and insider --  "Truth to Power: The New York Native 1980-1996"  Chuck is also the host of the program "Truth to Power" heard every Friday at 4 pm Eastern time. You can find more information his books and writings at
Trisha Morrison is the widow of Tommy the Duke Morrison, two-time heavyweight boxing champion of the world and the co-star in the film "Rocky" where he played the role of Tommy Gunn. She has had a successful career in real estate and wholesale tour operations. She has also worked with fundraising for anti-drug programs to keep inner city kids free of drugs.  Trisha is a former Junior Wimbledon tennis player and has been a tennis coach in several european countries. 

Gary feeds  off your calls helping learn the latest in health and healing, plus refreshing commentary on social and political issues.  Join the conversation Tuesdays at 7:00 pm est!


I am going to be focusing on what to do when disaster strikes PART 2. 


I am going to be focusing on what to do when disaster strikes. We just had the worst flooding in American History in Texas and Louisiana. 
We had the worst storm in a long time in Florida, leaving 6.1 million Floridians without power. 
How do you survive that?
It is going to happen elsewhere. Montana has the worst fire in the State’s history... Idaho, Oregon, Washington State and California are on fire. We have natural disasters everywhere.  Yet, we are completely unprepared. 
My entire show tonight will be addressing this, the future, the places we can live, the places we shouldn’t live, and what is going to happen to the value of real-estate, our homes, our apartments, condominiums in the places that are most likely to suffer continuing environmental disasters. 


Who runs and controls the Federal Reserve and what is its ultimate goal

James Corbett is the founder and editor of the Corbett Report, a website he started in 2007 to provide critical analysis on politics, society, economics and history.  He has written, recorded and hosted 1000s of hours of audio and video which has brought him to the attention of major independent media such as RT. James is also a host of Eyeopenner on, produces video reports for GRTV – run by Global Research in Canada, and is the lead editorial writer of the International Forecaster.  He has directed several important documentaries including “How Big Oil Conquered the World” and his “Century of Enslavement” is perhaps the best film exposing the dark history and corruption of the Federal Reserve system.  His website, with his numerous podcasts, audio and video programs is

Today we need a new vision for our culture and how it relates to the world, the environment, other species, and each other in order to survive the future. This vision cannot only be practical, but spiritual as well. The old myths need to be broken apart and replaced with new stories. And most important, we need a biology of wonder, of love and the spirituality of a commons that goes beyond the human community. Prof Andreas Weber is a passionate visionary, a renowned biologist, historian of culture, ethical philosopher and an environmental activist who argues for a new kind of Enlightenment thinking that unites rather divides us. we will discuss what it means to feel alive today, alive with passion and Eros, which may be one of our last saving graces for ourselves and the planet.  Prof Weber is a professor of philosophy at Leuphania University in Germany and  the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and is the author of several books including "The Biology of Wonder: Aliveness, Feeling and Metamorphosis of Science" and "Matter and Desire: An Erotic Ecology."

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