Dirk Pohlmann has a long career as a journalist, business owner and entrepreneur including a spinoff of the prestigious Max Planck Institute, and as a film director and producer. He has directed over 20 films and aired on National Geographic, Discovery, the History Channel Canada, and in Australia, Russia and throughout Europe. Dirk was also a specialist in cold war intelligence operations and has written extensively on the subject. He is the author of the book "The Ecological Disaster" with Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges and Nafeez Ahmed. Dirk, along with his colleague Markus Fiedler have been critically evaluating Wikipedia and its internal operations to expose its biased agendas under the disguise of being a legitimate encyclopedia. Together they have published their series "Stories from Wikipedia" -- in German -- which present new material every three weeks, and produced two documentary films "The Dark Side of Wikipedia" and "Censorship," which detail how the site has become a systematic problem that threatens a free society. Dirk was also instrumental in winning the first lawsuit for libel and slander against a senior Wikipedia editor on behalf of author Elias Davidson, who had provided evidence that no Muslims had hijacked the planes on 911. This is a landmark trial and hopefully will pave the way for others who have had their reputations defamed and destroyed on Wikipedia to have legal recourse and to begin sending shivers through the ideologues on Wikipedia. Although in Germany, his Wikipedia investigation website is WikiHausen.de

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