Christopher (ChrisBlack is a Canadian attorney-activist, writer, author, community organizer and poet.  He has worked with the famous Toronto black activist attorney Charles Roach on criminal cases before entering international criminal law. He defended Rwanda's General Augustin Ndiniliyimana against dozens of genocide charges at the Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal leading to his acquittal. He was among the first lawyers to lay war crime charges against NATO for its attack on Yugoslavia, and went on to head the legal committee for President Milosevic's defense. Other crimes Chris laid down on behalf of the International Criminal Court include charges against Rwandan president Paul Kagame on behalf of Congolese groups, and charges against NATO for its invasion of Libya. Chris is currently an executive member of the Canadian Peace Council and Toronto Association for Peace and Solidarity. His articles appear in the Near Eastern Outlook, Counterpunch, Global Research, the Toronto Star, the Journal of World Affairs and other outlets. His latest novel is "Beneath the Clouds" and he is a contributor to Cynthia McKinney's book "How the US Creates Shithole Nations." He holds a degree in psychology from McMaster University in Ontario and received law degree, specializing in international law, from York University, and his website is

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