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Part 2:

Gary discusses Pacifica and all the issues they face this week again. On the show with Gary is Summer Reese, Utrice Leid and Tracey Rosenberg.

Gary discusses Pacifica and all the issues they face. On the show with Gary is : Janet Coleman, Stephen Brown and Summer Reese. 

Gary discusses politics and tells stories about Hillary and Bill Clinton and other news from around the world.

Guest #1 - John Perkins

For many years, John Perkins was an economic hit man (EHM), a job to convince leaders of developing nations to accept economic conditions that benefit US private and government interests. He was a direct participant or witness to such dramatic modern events as the Saudi Arabian Money Laundering scandal, the fall of the Shah of Iran, the assassination of Panama’s president Omar Torrijos and invasion, and other government and corporate intrigues. Later John was a chief economist for a large international consulting firm advising the World Bank and IMF, the UN, Fortune 500 companies and many national governments. After 911, John broke his silence with the publication of his international best seller “ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” Since then he has been a champion of indigenous spiritual cultures and environmental movements through his non profit projects Dream Change and the Pachamama Alliance. In addition to writing about the underworld of economics, he has published a series of books on shamanism and personal transformation. His website is where people can receive his newsletter.

Guest #2 - Prof. Lance de Haven Smith

Prof. Lance de Haven Smith is a professor of public administration and policy at Florida State University.  He served as the president of the Florida Political Science Association and has written extensively on government and politics in that state. His book the Battle for Florida analyzed the controversial presidential election of 2000.  Lance’s scholarship is recognized nationaly and he has appeared on many broadcasts including Good Morning America, the Today Show, CBS and NBC nightly news, NPR and other media outlets.   Among his many publications is “Conspiracy Theory in America” – part of Mark Crispin Miller’s Discovering America series -- which takes a rationale look at the political and social impact of this expression that has now entered the standard American lexicon. He is also responsible for an alternative view of understanding conspiracy, particularly at high levels, by starting a discipline of inquiry known as State Crimes Against Democracy.  Lance has degrees from the University of Georgia and doctorate from Ohio State University. His website is

Guest #3 - Les Jamieson

Les Jamieson has studied the alternative research into 9/11 since November, 2001 and has been extremely active in the 911 truth movement for the past decade, including outreach at Ground Zero to inform the 100s of 1000s of people who visit the World Trade Center site. Les has been central in planning large 9/11 symposiums annually which includes the upcoming 3 days of events sponsored by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. According to Les, we must do all we can to establish that 9/11 has been used to justify imperial wars abroad and disappearing civil liberties at home, therefore spreading the cause for establishing a widespread understanding of 9/11 until we become a culture that demands truth, and end to war, and a single standard of justice.

Guest #1 - Prof. James Brewer Stewart is a Professor Emeritus of History at Macalester College in Minneapolis, where he taught subjects on race, politics, social movements and labor systems. He has written dozen books and is highly regarded as a national expert on the American abolitionist movement.  In 2011 he founded the nonprofit organization Historians Against Slavery, which brings together scholars to investigate the historical context behind modern day slavery in order to better inform social activism and civil efforts to eradicate the new forms of servant indenture that is increasing in the US.  The organization hosts annual conferences for the public that feature experts in the field of modern day slavery.  His website is

Guest #2 - Steven Watt is the Senior Staff Attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union’s Human Rights Program specializing in civil and human rights litigation, which includes US rendition, detention, interrogation programs, human trafficking and forced labor, juvenile justice and women’s immigrants and juvenile justice. Earlier, while working with the Center for Constitutional Rights as a Human Rights Fellow. Among the cases he has worked on are Rasul vs Geroge Bush, and two cases against Attorney General John Ashcroft. Steven has also done substantial work overseas as a public defender for the government of the Solomon Islands, managing refugee camps in Tanzania, and directing emergency programs for displaced persons in Liberia.  Originally from Scotland, Steve has a law degree from the University of Aberdeen, a degree in legal practice from the University of Edinburgh, and an LLM in International Human Rights from the University of Notre Dame. His website is his homepage at

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