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The Clintons’ legacy and why we should be deeply concerned about a Hillary presidency, with Gary Null and PRN Executive Producer Richard Gale. 

A look at the history of Zionism, the rise of the Israeli lobby and recent US administrations acting as the servants of Israel - with Alison Weir

Alison Weir is a journalist, author, civil rights and peace activist, and the president of the Council for the National Interest. She is also the founder of the organization If Americans Knew, which analyses and reports on US media coverage of Israel-Palestine.  She has has presented at briefings before Congress on the US and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis,  and has lectured widely at numerous universities including Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, Berkeley and to academies and institutions overseas. She has received a variety of awards  including the Phi Alpha Literary Society for Courageous Journalism on behalf of human rights.


Alison’s articles frequently appear on Counterpunch and, Project Censored and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Her most recent book is “Against Our Better Judgment: How the US was Used to Create Israel” which is a thorough, meticulously sourced document bring forth a story barely known about the history of US-Israel relations. Her website is

Wifi, microwaves, and the consequences to our health, with Barrie Trower, speaking on the consequences of radiation in our everyday lives. Then, Chris Hedges explains how we have become a rogue nation, a police state with Imperial ambitions. And more. 

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