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ERIC BALABAN:  The reemergence of debtor’s prisons and the social strategy to incarcerate the poor

Eric Balaban is a senior staff counsel with the National Prison Project (NPP) of the American Civil Liberties Union.  Since joining the ACLU in 1994, Mr. Balaban has represented over 75,000 prisoners in class action lawsuits challenging unconstitutional conditions of confinement across the country.  He is the co-author of two national ACLU Reports, Abandoned and Abused: Orleans Parish Prisoners in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina (2006) and In for a Penny:  The Rise of America’s New Debtor’s Prisons (2010).  More information on the ACLU’s prison project can be found at


DARPANA SHETH: The rise in civil forfeiture as profit making schemes for local law enforcement 

Darpana Sheth is an attorney with the Institute for Justice where she litigates cases to pro mote economic liberty and secure property rights.  She is currently the lead attorney on a federal class action against the City of Philadelphia and its law-enforcement officials challenging the City’s egregious civil-forfeiture practices. Darpana graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors in Political Science and  received her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center.  The Institute’s website is and more information and what people can do about asset forfeiture can be found on the website

Robert Parry is one of our leading progressive investigative journalists best known for his uncovering Iran-Contra story and Oliver North’s involvement which earned him the George Polk Award for National Reporting in 1984.  He current writes for Consortium News, and has covered many important stories on domestic and foreign affairs issues including the Nicaragan contra-cocaine connection, right wing terrorism, the demise of American media, the Bush and Obama presidencies, the rise and influence of the Neocons and our wars overseas.  He has worked as a journalist for the Associated Press, Newsweek and PBS Frontline.


He has written several books, his latest being “America’s Stolen Narrative: From Washington and Madison to Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes to Obama”    His website

Eric Zeusse is an investigative historian and author with a long career of researching many of the topics and events that have been most troubling to Americans not afraid of critical thought.  In 1982 he won the prestigious HL Mencken Award for best investigative reporting on the toxic dumpsite at Love Canal in Niagara Falls New York.  His writings appear in all the leading progressive news sites such as Global Research, Huffington Post,  Business Insider,, Commondreams, Alternet,  and others.   He has authored several books including “They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records 1910-2010” and more recently a revisionist investigation into the origins of the Christian religion entitled “Christ’s Ventrioquists: The Event that Created Christianity.”

Professor Andrew Kolin is a professor of political science at Hilbert College in Hamburg, New York, where he specializes in American political thought, civil liberties, US foreign policy, and constitutional law. Much of his recent work has focused on the conflict between state power and democracy and the history of the US turning into a police state  

Kevin Carson is the Senior Fellow, Karl Hess Scholar in Social Theory and researcher at the Center  for a Stateless Society, an academic left-wing Libertarian anarchist think tank that defends the ideals of social cooperation without aggression, oppression or centralized authority. His articles frequently appear on the P2P Foundation blog and have been published by Counterpunch and Before Its News.

How the rest of the world views the US and its Quest for Empire:

Prof. Garry Leech is the director of the Center for International Studies and a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada. As an independent journalist and author his research has focused upon the global struggle for social justice and on the U.S. intervention in Colombia under the “war on drugs” and the “war on terror.” Garry’s articles have appeared in numerous publications in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America. For eleven years he was the founding editor of the Columbia Journal, with over 350 scholarly articles. He is the author of seven books, dealing with Colombia, the drug trade, broader critiques of capitalist globalization and the influence of the fossil industry on global economics and politics. His most recent book is Capitalism: A Structural Genocide which takes a hard look at how contemporary capitalism’s inherent and fundamental structure generates inequality, violence, and increased human suffering and death. His website is     

Roman Baudzus is an economist and financial analyst who has specialized in the software and marketing industries. He studied business informatics at Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany where he is residing. Roman is a leading contributor to the German finance site and writes about the financial, gold and commodity markets for Gold Money. His articles have also appeared on GlobalResearch and Paul Craig Robert’s blog.     

Andre Vltchek is a journalist, novelist, filmmaker, poet, playwright and philosopher who has covered dozens of war zones and conflicts with a focus upon the plight of oppressed and colonized peoples around the world. Among these areas have been Bosnia, Ukraine, Timor and Indonesia, Peru, Sri Lanka, the Republic of the Congo and other African nations. Among his most recent books are “Fighting Against Western Imperialism” and “On Western Terrorist: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare” – which was co-written with Noam Chomsky and will be turned into a film. Among his major documentaries are “Terlena about the Indonesian massacres in the 1960s, “One Flew Over Dadaab which is about the largest refugee camp in the world housing Somali refugees, and most recently The Rwanda Gambit, which challenges the official story about the genocide in Rwanda and the plunder of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Andre is also a senior fellow of the Oakland Institute and his articles and essays appear in CounterPnch, Asia Times, China Daily, Irish Times, Z Magazine and the Asia Pacific Journal. His website is

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