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America’s Failed War on Drugs and the need to legalize marijuana.

An in depth articulate investigation into marijuana use in America and its demonization by the government’s war on drugs; how it has increased incarceration in the private prison systems for industry profits, and the benefits for legalizing marijuana for medical use and entertainment.

Judge James Gray has been a trial judge in Orange County, California for 29 years and has been a US candidate for Congress and the Senate for the Republican and later Libertarian Parties. He is one of the nation’s most articulate critics of the failures of our War on Drugs and supporters of the legalization of marijuana.

Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD narcotics investigator and whistleblower who was forced out of the police department while holding its highest ratings. He has been at the forefront of exposing government and intelligence complicity in America’s international and domestic drug trade.

Joseph Pietri is a former drug smuggler before and after Nixon’s declaration of America’s War on Drugs for several decades who operated out of south and southeast Asia. He is currently an active advocate for medical marijuana.

Martha Rosenberg is an investigative health reporter, commentator and an editorial cartoonist who has written extensively on the dangers of industrial food and pharmaceutical drugs, devious practices by the Big Drug Makers, pharma advertizing, dangers of antibiotics and FDA incompetence in drug oversight for efficacy and safety.  She is a frequent contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle, Providence Journal and the Chicago Tribune.

Martha has recently published her first book, “Born with a Junk Food Deficiency: How Flaks, Quacks and Hacks Pimp the Public Health” which includes many interviews with physicians, researchers and insiders willing to come forward to speak about the devious practices of the drug and food industrial complexes.

Dr. Bruce Levine is a clinical psychologist in Cincinnati and an activist, author addressing the societal problems in our corporate healthcare system.  He is regular contributor to Z Magazine, Alternet, Adbusters, the Ecologist and the Huffington Post.  Bruce is a member of Mind Freedom International, and is on the Advisory Council of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Pyschology.

His most recent book, “Get Up Stand Up: Uniting Populists, Energizing the Defeated, and Battling the Corporate Elite” is a thorough investigation into the psychological underpinnings behind the American public’s passivity and aura of powerlessness to stand up against corporate and political powers who are removing the democratic freedoms in the nation.

Big Food, Monsanto, GMOs and threats to American farming

Ronnie Cummins is the Executive Director of the Organic Consumers Association and author of “Genetically Engineered Foods: A Self Defense Guide for Consumers”. He has been a life-long activist in the human rights, anti-nuclear, labor and agricultural movements. His current goal through the Association is to increase organic agriculture to at least 30 percent by the year 2015 and to further a global moratorium on genetically engineered crops.

David Murphy is the founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!, a grassroots movement of more than 250,000 American farmers and citizens dedicated to reforming our food and agriculture. In 2007, he organized the Food and Family Farm Presidential Summit, where 5 of the 6 Democratic candidates pledged their support to help save family farm agriculture and laid out their plans to create a more sustainable future for rural America.

Manuel Pérez-Rocha helps to coordinate the Networking for Justice on Global Investment project at the Institute for Policy Research, an independent think tank for progressive policy making in Washington DC; he directed the Institute’s "NAFTA Plus and the SPP Advocacy Project," as part of the Global Economy Project. He is a Mexican national who has led tri-national efforts to promote just and sustainable alternative approaches to North American economic integration for more than a decade. Manuel worked for many years with the Mexican Action Network on Free Trade and continues to serve on its executive committee. NAFTA’s failed promises- big business prospers as poverty increases.

Politics of Medicine


“In 2012, America has become the most overmedicated society in history. Indeed, there is a medication for every condition…We never stop to question why we need all these drugs.  We never even notice that they aren’t making us better, or that we can’t get off them once we start taking them.  Why do we refuse to see that despite all these medications we are nevertheless the sickest industrialized nation on earth?”


“Most Americans misunderstand what FDA drug approval means.  They believe that the FDA only approves drugs that are effective and safe, and that advertising of pharmaceuticals on television and in print has been approved by the FDA as well.  Ironically, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.”


“After so many approved drugs and vaccines have later been shown to cause harm, somehow we miraculously wipe the slate clean after every incident and our faith in the pharmaceutical companies and the entire medical profession is restored to 100%”.

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